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Epoxy Floor Application
Epoxy Floor Application Services
Epoxy Floor Application Services
Epoxy Floor ApplicationEpoxy Floor Application
Commercial Epoxy Floor Application Services
Transforming Concrete into Beautiful, Functional Space

Commercial Epoxy Floor Application Services

Epoxy Floor Application Services unique interior Commercial Flooring products create an elegant and dramatic visual effect, wherever they are installed. Decorative commercial floors incorporate a combination of metallic pigments, colored acrylic chips or flakes or colored quartz granules evenly dispersed into a resinous polymer matrix across the floor surface. These decorative floors are environmental safe and offer many of the performance features of industrial floors while providing attractive and pleasing decorative surfaces.

Will my flooring be "Environmentally Friendly"?
Every facility has its own special need for protecting its floors and walls. Porous or cracked concrete, eroded joints in tile and open control joints all pose problems for facility supervisors having to protect against mold, insects, and bacteria infestation hazards.

Epoxy Floor Application Services can solve those problems in a way that is also better for the environment.

• Less water is consumed during cleaning because your epoxy flooring will not trap dirt and grime.

• Because it is seamless, there are no cracks and crevices for insects to hide. Cleaning is also easier and more effective. This minimizes the insect population and fewer pesticides are needed - which also lowers the cost of your pest managment.

• Our Floor is made from natural stones and organic resins. Unlike most epoxy floors, Our Epoxy Flooring contains no solvents. No solvents means no evaporation and contamination, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly epoxy floors in the industry.

Epoxy Floor Application

Epoxy Floor Application Epoxy Floor Application
Your commercial floors will be resistant against staining, mold, fungus, and foul odor. Your epoxy floor coating will not deteriorate as it is protected against bacteria, viruses, yeast, and other microbes. This is important to consider when planning for a veterinary floor, restaurant kitchen floor, aquatic center floors and public restroom flooring.

Commercial Kitchens Restaurant floors are often coated in grease and oil, making them prone to slip and fall accidents. In commercial kitchens, we offer an ultra-coarse grit for added traction. Because no scrubbing is necessary, your epoxy flooring will be slip-resistant and safe for your kitchen crew every time. As well, it can reduce the cost of your facility maintenance. In veterinary clinics, aquatic centers and public restroom floors, we recommend using our medium slip resistant additive. It's the perfect grit - not too coarse.

Epoxy Floor Application Services is the preferred epoxy floor for Hospitals, Healthcare facilities, Nursing Homes, Educational facilities -Schools K-12, Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Animal Kennels, Boarding Kennels, Animal Hospitals, Bakeries, Food Preparation Facilities, Airport and Mall Food Courts, Bathrooms, Showers, Locker Rooms, Garage Flooring, Prisons, Jails, Correctional Facilities, U.S. Park Service and Places of Worship.

Epoxy Floor Application
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