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Epoxy Floor Application
Epoxy Floor Application Services
Epoxy Floor Application Services
Epoxy Floor ApplicationEpoxy Floor Application
Residential Epoxy Floor Application Services
Transforming Concrete into Beautiful, Functional Space

Residential Epoxy Floor Application Services

Transform your Basement or Garage from a concrete cave to a sparkling space with our Epoxy Floor Application Services. Your smooth, seamless, and attractive floor will be the envy of your neighbors!

At Epoxy Floor Application Services our only business is upgrading Basement and Garage floors with a coating system that Looks and Last Like Granite. Gone are the days of having a drab unsealed concrete or gray painted garage floor that easily stain and leaves tire marks.

Over time, Chicagoland's harsh winters, cold and salt will cause your unfinished concrete garage floors to crack and crumble. Replacing a concrete floor is expensive! Before you do, check out epoxy flooring from Epoxy Floor Application Services.

Full Floor Prep: Before applying our floor finish, we carefully prepare the surface by grinding and smoothing away any previous coating or epoxy, repairing cracks and defects, and filling in pits.

Professional installation: We follow a two-step process which typically takes up to two days to install. Your new floor will normally be ready for the family vehicle about 24 hours later.

Wide Selection of Colors and Finishes: We offer a full range of granite and solid floor finishes in colors to complement any space or design idea.

Safe Chemicals: Our worry-free flooring products are made with low VOC, non-toxic chemicals free of harmful vapors.

Epoxy Floor Application Epoxy Floor Application
Why choose epoxy flooring over plain concrete?
If you are tired of those unsightly oil and chemical stains or are afraid of the potential hazards they may cause, we can help. Our team at Epoxy Floor Application Services can install epoxy garage flooring that will immediately transform your garage from a junkyard to an attractive storage space you won't want to hide.

Epoxy flooring has the following benefits:
• Looks amazing and attractive
• Can sustain wear and tear
• Is resistant to tire and dangerous chemical stains
• Won't fade over time
• Only requires light maintenance
• Includes a lifetime guarantee

Epoxy Floor Application

Epoxy Floor Application
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Transforming Concrete into Beautiful, Functional Space

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